Project Advisors

We’re delighted to have three project advisors, all of whom have made substantial contributions to either the history of international thought, women’s political thought, or disciplinary IR; have recognised the lack of scholarship on women’s work in these fields; and are invested in the success of the overall research project.


 David Armitage is the Lloyd C. Blankfein Professor of History at Harvard and a world       leading scholar in the history of international thought. David co-sponsored the Exploratory   Seminar on Women and the History of International Thought, which was held at the   Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard in March 2018. He is the author or editor   of sixteen books, including Foundations of Modern International Thought (2013); The   Ideological Origins of the British Empire (2000) and The Declaration of Independence: A   Global History (2007).




Robert Vitalis is Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania and author   of the pathbreaking and highly acclaimed White World Order, Black Power Politics: the   Birth of American International Relations (2015), winner of the Sussex Centre for   Advanced International Theory Best Book Prize. His previous books include America’s   Kingdom: Mythmaking on the Saudi Oil Frontier (2007) and Capitalists Collide: Business   Conflict and the End of Empire in Egypt (1995), winner of the Organization of American   Historian’s Bernath Prize.




Penny Weiss is Professor and Chair of Women’s Studies at Saint Louis University. She  is author or editor of seven books, including Canon Fodder: Historical Women Political  Thinkers  (2009), a Choice outstanding academic book of the year; Feminist Manifestos:     A Global Documentary Reader (2018); Gendered Community: Rousseau, Sex, and   Politics  (1993), also a Choice outstanding academic book of the year; Feminist   Interpretations of Emma Goldman  (2007); Feminist Interpretations of Mary Astell  (2016);   and Conversations with Feminism: Political Theory and Practice (1998).