Project Events and Invited Talks

October 2021 Keynote at Millennium Conference (forthcoming) (Patricia Owens)

June 2021 Glasgow Centre for Gender History (forthcoming) (Patricia Owens)

May 2021 Cambridge University, Centre for Global Knowledge Lectures Series (forthcoming) (Patricia Owens)

March 2021 New Histories of Economic Thought Seminar, European University Institute (Patricia Owens)

March 2021 Faculty of History, Cambridge University, Discussant 'Gender in Global Intellectual History', Decolonising Archives, Rethinking Canons, Workshop (Katharina Rietzler)

February 2021 Sussex Centre for Intellectual History, book launch 'Women's International Thought: A New History' (Patricia Owens and Katharina Rietzler)

January 2021, London School of Economics, International Relations Department (Patricia Owens)

January 2021, Oxford University, International Relations Colloquium (Patricia Owens)

January 2021, Cambridge University Press Winter History Festival, 'Women's International Thought: A New History' (Patricia Owens and Katharina Rietzler)

December 2020, Rothermere American Institute, Oxford University, 'Think Tanks and Women's Intellectual Production' (Katharina Rietzler)

September 2020 McGill University, Women’s International Thought (Patricia Owens)

July 2020 Edinburgh University, International Relations and Intellectual History* [cancelled due to COVID] (Patricia Owens)

June 2020 Historians of the Twentieth-Century United States, Annual Meeting, Edinburgh, ‘Women’s International Thinking in Interwar Geneva’ [cancelled due to COVID] (Katharina Rietzler)

May 2020 The Alan Milne Memorial Address, Durham University*  [cancelled due to COVID] (Patricia Owens)

April 2020 Berkeley City College, 'Theorising International Public Opinion in the 1920s’, [cancelled due to COVID] (Katharina Rietzler)

March 2020 International Studies Association Annual Conference, Hawaii. Women and the History of International Thought: Oral History Roundtable [cancelled due to COVID] (Sarah C Dunstan).

March 2020 Glasgow Centre for Gender History. Claudia Jones’s International Thought*  [cancelled due to COVID] (Patricia Owens)

March 2020 University of Oxford. Claudia Jones’s International Thought* [cancelled due to UCU action] (Patricia Owens)

February 2020 London School of Economics, IR Think Tanks and the ‘Woman Question’, 1930-1960. US Think Tanks and Foundations in World Politics, Workshop (Katharina Rietzler)

January 2020 University of Kent, 'Women’s International Thought'  (Patricia Owens)

June 2019 BISA, London 'One Hundred Years of IR: A Historiographical Assessment' (Patricia Owens)

October 2019 United Nations Library, Geneva, Public Roundtable ‘Women Who Shaped Internationalism’, (Katharina Rietzler)

October 2019, Millenium Conference Panel, 'The Expropriation and Erasure of Women’s International Thought,' (Patricia Owens, Kimberly Hutchings and Katharina Rietzler)

September 2019, EISA Workshop, 'Women and the History of International Thought.'  (Sarah C. Dunstan and Joanna Wood)

December 2018, Freie University Berlin workshop, 'Approaches, Archives and Actors in Global Women’s History' (Katharina Rietzler)

November 2018, University of Oxford, comment on Harmsworth lecture on "Race, War and Imperialism: Merze Tate's International Thought” by Barbara Savage (Katharina Rietzler)

September 2018, University of Sussex American Studies roundtable, Sussex, New Work in American Studies. (Katharina Rietzler and Sarah C. Dunstan)

July 2018, University of Sydney workshop, Hannah Arendt and International Relations (Patricia Owens)

July 2018, University of Sydney panel, What Happened to Women’s International Thought? (Patricia Owens)

July 2018, University of Sydney, What is International History Now conference, 'Documenting IR: Think Tank and Foundations Women in the Interwar Years' (Katharina Rietzler)

March 2018, Radcliffe Exploratory seminar, Women and the History of International Thought (Patricia Owens and Katharina Rietzler)

May 2018, University of Sussex, European Commission workshop on Hannah Arendt and EU crisis (Patricia Owens)

November 2017, Oxford University public lecture, Women and the History of International Thought (Patricia Owens)

June 2017, British International Studies Association panel Toward a History of Women in International Thought

June 2017, British International Studies Association pre-conference workshop, Women and the History of International Thought

May 2017, Cambridge University conference talk, Why are There no Women in Histories of International Thought?